Flobel Angels is a Gray Panthers & Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation (“Flobel”) Joint Response to the coronavirus crisis in New York and elsewhere.

As part of their commitment to confronting ageism and the compassion that is needed in this world, Gray Panthers & Flobel will (with the assistance of talented others) create an online resource page and try to match needs with information.

The goal is:

To build a constantly updated resource page for services and information links applicable to older persons in NYC (first) and then other cities regarding the coronavirus epidemic. The target audience is both older persons, caregivers and family. Importantly, we wish to identify volunteer opportunities, particularly for Millennials , Gen Z and others who have a deeply ingrained desire to contribute. Given the anxiety we are all experiencing, images of positivity should also be included. We want to connect needs and people. Anticipated distribution is through our websites as well as social media channels – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. .